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Once again I'm updating to let you guys in on some sweet no-art-again-sorry news.
I'm running a Final Fantasy XIV game + time card contest on my guild blog so hop on over if it sounds remotely interesting. Ayyyyyyyyyyy…
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So I've been playing as much as I can since open beta which isn't much considering I work full time and also the NA servers have been restricted like hell. Anyway I made a bunch of alts on other servers but they were way too full so I'm back on the server I started beta on. If you guys play and happen to be on the same server give me a loud yell:

King Mittens @ Faerie (NA)…
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So here's the bi-annual journal update for ya kids.

I can't really get into much due to corporate secrecy but something huge went down at work and now I'm in a really good position as the company's graphic designer that includes relocating or at the very least a train ride commute to work from now on so dang way to dampen any drawing time i've got left. I apologize if I haven't been replying to comments or notes on here but I rarely log in to check up on messages on DeviantArt but I'm tons of fun (?????) on tumblr so you can check me out there and we can chat n junk:


In any case if any of you folks live out in the little tokyo area of LA and need a roommate I'll probably be mad interested.
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being DEAD

Well no I suppose my last journal update was in October 2012 so I'm sure I'm just overdue for a new "where the hell have you been"  journal.
Long story short I've been working? I'm currently a graphic designer at a company that's owned by aeropostale now and all I've been doing is just that. I'm usually more active on my personal tumblr and also update artwork on my art tumblr which can be found:


Thank you for all the follows and also for the 100k+ views since I've been gone!
Just a quick drop in to say hello to all the new followers i have yet to meet n greet.

I haven't had any time to draw anything since I recently found full time employment! I am now an in house designer at and my hours are p nuts. I have a lot of stuff to draw but I'm also stuck doing freelance work on the weekends for more cash so hopefully that stuff will be over soon and I can at least have weekend drawing time. Anyway just a monthly ( or two? ) reminder that I ain't all that dead yet and also that I am much more active on my main tumblr here:

So I got a DD feature for today!
I didn't even know until someone messaged me about it but wow this is my first DD
and I'm psyched.

Thanks for the feature :iconkozispoon:!

Hello long time no see DA.
This morning my deviation got a feature on Redbubble's front page here:

I am super psyched for the exposure and wanted to let everyone know it is available to purchase as a print/canvas from RB.
I also have a few shirts up with more on the way. My shirt stores are:

+ Redbubble:…
+ Spreadshirt:

If you want a particular color combination or would like to suggest one to me let me know and I'll be happy to comply/mock it up for you to see. The prices vary a little bit but I still only make the same few bucks from a sale. Some people prefer the quality of RB over SS and vice versa. More designs are on the way so stay tuned to my DA or tumblr! Thanks!
  • Reading: A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin
so who's got em

wanna be best fraands hmmmmmmm?…
so who's got em

wanna be best fraands hmmmmmmm?…
  • Reading: A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin
I have a few trade requests lodged in my inbox still and I apologize that I haven't gotten to reading them or submitting my requests yet. I'm without my tablet for a bit and have been marathoning the Song of Fire and Ice series so I can get to the newest book before school starts back up again.

If you want to get a hold of me faster you can hit me up on AIM thaaanks.
Got some time to kill while I wait for kiriban references so I'm a little stuck on
what I want to draw. Anyone interested in a trade? You can note me or something.
I'll probably only take two at a time to make sure I get em done.
I don't think I've ever completed a kiriban picture. Or remember for that matter. Sorry I'm a terrible flake of a person. So uh I guess I'll draw something for the person who gets my 70k view cause its pretty close. I know there are usually more than one person who manages to snag it so I'll prioritize it by giving the first person who notes me a screenshot first. Maybe I'll do more than one, we'll see. Or we can always do a trade if you really need somethin`. Also I am on some new meds that make me super sleepy so if I happen to miss my own 70k I'll get to ya in the morning.



jesus lord almighty

i get up to get a drink and come back to the damn thing overshooting

what the hell there were like a hundred view points left what

anyways better luck to the rest of ye next timeeee

Edit: Also look at my new pup. What should we name her:……
someone once told me that everything's been done at least once

Whether or not you believe it to be true I sometimes feel hindered from making new characters
or even worse continue using old ones because years down the line something more popular
and well known takes its place in terms of design and appearance. People start to compare
the characters you thought were unique to yourself to characters that already exist and I feel
embarrassed because it makes me look unoriginal and feel like a plagiarist. An example
would be my inkblot detective character, Dash, who in recent times have been accused of being
a ripoff of some Homestuck character. I wouldn't know because I don't read it
but I still feel very apologetic towards the whole thing. How does one deal with these feelings of confusion?
it's time for fun
Been getting some concerned and somewhat peeved notes from people on DA regarding :iconrickz0r:'s latest Journal. I hate making my personal business public but please quit with the harassing. If anything I would much appreciate it if you gave Rick your support and some comforting words to him.  Break ups are difficult yes and this was my first as well. We both have a lot of maturing to do and a lot of things to experience before we commit ourselves to relationships again. In the mean time it would mean a whole lot if you meandered on over to his page or instant message him to give him a little support.

Thanks guys.
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I'm wondering if anyone makes any music solo-wise or with a band because I need
some practice with making illust/graphics for something that isn't for myself, specifically music based
because its the only medium not really represented in my work portfolio. I need some
pieces for my portfolio and was thinking about designing an album for a group that
exists. Its free of course but I'd love to pick and choose if the opportunity for choices
exist. Hit me right hurr or message me if you'd like to discuss it with me.

If I like it enough I'll probably make a physical copy just for photographing.
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Been a busy few weeks. :iconrickz0r: was over visiting and he's leaving for the comfort of his non-kimchi scented home today. I'll get back to continuing on those zodiac things we love so much very soon. If anyone has a preference as to which one I should work on next then suggest away.  Also got a nice influx of watchers recently and I don't think I had the time to properly thank everyone so here it is;  Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my silly work. You guys make me super excited to log back in here every so often.  Speaking of which I hardly log into AIM or MSN these days but if anyone wants to talk to boring old me then let's share contacttsss ;U

Another trivial bump to clear my page.
Just going to plug in a really cool person with great art because she deserves more people watching her.

A friend's finished animation video.

Bro just graduated and is off to a life of no sleep and magic.
Just wanted to share because it's super great.

His site:
pros and cons for leaving DA


my life is in your hands